Manzanares is hot Spanish guitar, sizzling Latin percussion, and soulful vocals combine to create their own high-energy and fiery sound that has been labeled Nuevo Latino.

The group is led by brothers, David and Michael Manzanares and features the virtuosic rhythms of their Latin/Worldbeat band. Born with a passion for music, they grew up the youngest two of six children on a century-old Spanish ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Steeped in strong family traditions, they were raised with a deep respect for their culture, their land and their family.

The earliest memory for the brothers is music. As small children, they began their musical journey and education by capturing the essence of New Mexico and Spanish music on many occasions at the family ranch. Their father and uncles played guitar while the family danced and sang the rancheras, corridos, huapangos, boleros and valses of another time. This early musical influence is a big source of their inspiration.

The band is comprised of some of the most prolific and talented musicians in the music industry and includes Mark Clark on drums and vocals, Kevin Miller on congas, guitar and vocals, Jose Romero on bass, Chief Sanchez on trumpet and percussion, Kanoa Kaluhiwa on saxophone and percussion and Kirk Kadish on keys.

Manzanares’ most recent CD, Gitarra Latino made it to the top 16 Latin songs considered for a Grammy nomination in 2013.

Their award winning Nuevo Latino delivers their evolved sound complete with “hip-displacing” rhythms. Nuevo Latino won four NM Association awards including Album of the Year. Their first CD, Vivir lends itself to a more romantic side of their music and it won two NM Music Industry Coalition awards - one for best Latin musical production and one for best vocal performance.

Manzanares has been labeled one of the hottest Latin acts to hit the musical scene and has gained both national and international attention. They continue to expand their already extensive fan base and sharing their music with the world is what the brothers like best.

Michael and David reach deep into their Spanish culture and heritage to weave a splendid musical tapestry with a dazzling repertoire that ranges from Spanish & Middle Eastern guitar melodies to Flamenco to Pop to Latin Rock! Their Nuevo Latino style delivers an aggressive approach to the very danceable Rumba Flamenca style mixed with exotic, progressive blends of Latin & Afro-Cuban rhythms. Manzanares has been likened to a combination of the styles of the Gipsy Kings, Santana, Los Lobos, Ottmar Leibert with a touch of New Mexico 505!

The electricity and raw energy of their performances continue to push this exciting Nuevo Latino act into the forefront of Latin Music. Manzanares is explosive Latin sounds and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!